About the Stash Section

Hi! My name's Tamsyn and I'd love nothing more than for my stash to become your treasure. 


Many years ago I opened a beading and jewellery supply store in Bunbury, Western Australia.  Over the years we added various other bits and pieces, including dichroic glass supplies, polymer and precious metal clays, and eventually knitting yarns.  When that shop closed a lot of the stock came home with me and has lived in boxes in various sheds, garages, and spare rooms for the past twelve years or so.  Add that to a lifetime of gathering fabric, embroidery, and all manner of other craft supplies and I've finally had to admit that I'll never be able to use it all on my own! So I've decided it's time to tackle the monumental task of sorting, photographing, and passing on all of these glorious goodies to all of you. 


All items listed in the stash sections are from my personal collection and/or ex stock from the bead/knitting/craft shop I used to own.  All items listed are unused, but have been in and out of various storage situations for several years, over a decade in most cases.  For this reason, I would probably consider them 'second hand' or 'pre-loved' rather than perfectly 'new.'  You will notice that the prices reflect this - most items are listed at far below the recommended retail price, and many even below the original wholesale cost.

I hope you find a bargain!


In some cases, labels and/or packaging may be damaged and/or faded, some items may be a bit dusty or rumpled from being in and out of storage boxes over the years.  I will do my best to describe any imperfections as accurately as possible, but please do contact me directly

if you have any questions about the exact condition of a particular item. 

All items are as photographed and all sales are final.

I hope you'll find just the thing you've been looking for, and that every little

bit of my stash finds a lovely new home. Enjoy!