Glass bead mix in assorted shades of blue, pink, and purple.  Various sizes, shapes and finishes. 50g. 


Approximately 200 randomly selected beads per 50g.


Beads will be shipped in small plastic ziplock bags for visibility and easy storage.  If you prefer your beads to be sent in paper bags instead of plastic, please leave me a note on your order and I will be happy to accomodate at no extra charge.  However, no responsibility will be taken for possible spillage and/or damage resulting from the use of paper packaging.

Bead Mix 06 - Blue Pink and Purple - 50g

  • All items listed on One Woman's Stash are from my personal collection and/or ex stock from a bead/knitting/craft shop I used to own.  All items listed are unused, but have been in and out of various storage situations for several years, over a decade in some cases.  For this reason, I would perhaps consider them 'second hand' or 'pre-loved' rather than pefectly 'new.'  You will notice that my prices reflect this - most items are listed at far below recommended retail.  I hope you find a bargain!


    In some cases, labels and/or packaging may be damaged and/or faded, some items may be a bit dusty or rumpled from being in and out of boxes over the years.  I will do my best to describe any imperfections as accurately as possible, but please do contact me directly if you have any questions about the exact condition of a particular item.  All items are as photographed.  Enjoy!