The Handy Comfort Bucket Bag combines everything you love about the original Comfort Collection Drawstring Pouch - gorgeous natural fibres, soft colours, and fine hand finishing - with the great larger size and clever convenience of the Handy Drawstring Bucket Bag.  


As a knitting bag, the Handy Comfort Bucket Bag is easily big enough for a sweater project, several smaller projects, or even a blanket.  Pictured above with four 100g skeins of fingering weight yarn and a notions pouch inside, you can see there is still plenty of room to spare.  But you don't have to use them for knitting.  Anything you might want to put into a bag would be very happy living in this one, I'm sure.


Inside are three pockets, two one one side, one on the other, and when you cinch the drawstring closed, two handles magically appear.  They also now have a pretty little Brave Little Buckaroo label on the pocket, so you never forget where she came from.


The Comfort Collection combines the highest quality materials and fine hand finishing to deliver the ultimate in luxury knitting and crafting accessories.  Each bag is made by me in my home studio with beautifully coordinating Japanese yarn dyed cottons (this means the patterns are woven into the fabric, not printed on or overdyed) patchworked together with a gorgeous, slightly slubby textured linen.  I then hand quilt small embellishments onto some of the outer panels, choosing each pattern and motif as the mood takes me.  This ensures that no two pouches will ever be alike. They are fully lined with undyed quilting cotton, and internally fused with high loft fleece, for a thick, squishy finish.  The cotton drawstrings are thick, sturdy, and strong.  The handles are linen.


This listing is for the bag pictured in the main image only.  Further images may show different views of the same bag, coordinating bags, or various accessories to demonstrate size, pockets, etc. 


***Please note: Each bag in The Comfort Collection is different enough to be unique, but similar enough that naming them individually is impractical.  For this reason, each bag is given a number in the title of the listing.  This number is for identification purposes only and represents nothing more than the order in which it was added to the shop.  It is not indicative of the colour, style, or design of the bag.  Once sold, numbers may be reused for future listings.  For instance, 'Drawstring Project Bag #1' in this update will not be the same item as 'Drawstring Project Bag #1' in future updates.  If you would like to custom order any number of bags that are the same (as much as a handmade, hand stitched item can be) please feel free to contact us


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Approximately 36.5x25.5cm (14.5x10") when laid flat, with a 12.5cm (5") wide boxed bottom when open.

Handy Comfort Bucket Bag #5

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